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Pyramid of Prophecy first expansion releases

pyramid of prophecy first expansion releases in linux windows games for heroes of hammerwatch

Pyramid of Prophecy the first expansion releases for Heroes of Hammerwatch in Linux and Windows games. All thanks to the efforts of developer Crackshell. The games first expansion releases on Steam and GOG.

Pyramid of Prophecy is the long awaited release. The first expansion releases for the core game. Actually Heroes of Hammerwatch released a year ago. Almost to the day.

Pyramid of Prophecy lets you explore more gameplay. So we are back but in several new areas. Which are also completely new for Hammerwatch. Far out in the desert. Or deep down the pyramid itself. So you can take your best hero to the arena. The see how long you can last.

Pyramid of Prophecy, Heroes of Hammerwatch, Launch Trailer (Linux, Windows)

So now there are tons of new enemies. Including more traps and puzzles. Gameplay mechanics, items and environments. Plus music and much more.


  • A brand new campaign with 3 new acts and bosses.
  • The new Gladiator class in Pyramid of Prophecy.
  • New upgrades for the town and characters.
  • Several new items, enemies and mechanics.
  • A new survival arena game mode.

Heroes of Hammerwatch is a roguelite action adventure. The games also takes universe as Hammerwatch. While you face tons of enemies. Also more traps, puzzles and secrets. Lots of loot too. Since have to battle through each level. All procedurally generated as well. Which gets even better with Pyramid of Prophecy.

Heroes of Hammerwatch Features:

  • Procedurally generated content: Random generated levels. Each offers a high replay value. And will bring you a new test with each run.
  • Persistant progression: Your heroes will retain the skill. Since you earn it in each run. You will also become more powerful as you level up.
  • Town upgrades: Construct/Upgrade 10 different buildings. This will also help your heroes. Doing so in various ways.
  • Classes: Choose from 7 different classes. All with unique stats and abilities. Since has it’s own play style.
  • Items: You also find or buy over 100 unique items. All of various rarity.
  • Co-op: Play with up to 3 friends in multiplayer. You can also play in co-op for Pyramid of Prophecy.
  • New Game+: Heroes of Hammerwatch will also test you. So even if you beat it. The tests never end.

Pyramid of Prophecy is available on Steam and GOG. The first expansion releases on Linux and Windows. Also priced at $6.99 USD. So not to bad for all you get.

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