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Pyramid Plunge action roguelike gets a Demo

pyramid plunge action roguelike gets a demo on windows pc but also coming to linux gaming

Pyramid Plunge action roguelike gets a Demo on Windows PC, but also coming to Linux gaming. Thanks to developer PolyCrunch Games. But due to release on Steam Early Access in Q4.

PolyCrunch Games action roguelike gets a Demo for their first game Pyramid Plunge. Right now, only available for Windows PC but due to get a release in Linux gaming. Currently, the developer has the Demo working on a couple of Ubuntu distro’s. But testing for Arch is possible as is Fedora. But we should have a native build soon.

Pyramid Plunge is a Spelunky-esque lighthearted action platformer. Coming in pixel art with procedurally generated levels. So that every play through offers a new challenging experience. Players take control of an odd cartoony couple, Giorgio and Felicie. Who are separated from their tour group, now trapped in the Great Pyramid. Worse still, they’ve entered a cursed chamber. And as a result, unleash the curse of the pyramid.

Now its your job to escape the pyramid while protecting Felicie. Who’s not only scared of everything but paralyzed by fear. So you end up using your partner as your weapon of choice. Simply by throwing your partner against mummies and other creatures. But in the Pyramid Plunge demo you take control of Giorgio. So try and be a gentleman and not get her killed! In the full version you also get to play as Felicie. Since she gets her revenge throwing Giorgio around. If you aren’t fast enough, you end up taking a swim in the flooding pyramid.

Pyramid Plunge Gameplay Trailer


  • Roguelike Platforming – Randomly-generated, fully destructible levels are filled with traps, monsters and lots of loot. You’ll also find equipment from previous lost explorers who didn’t quite make it. Likewise, quick reflexes and quick thinking on how to use the environment to your advantage will go a long way!
  • Hilarious Local PvP – Enjoy comical battles with your family and friends. Where the Pyramid Plunge player who gets through the exit with the most money wins! Throwing things at your opponent and hitting him in mid air has never been this fun. Get out his collected loot Sonic-style and steal it outright. Taunt your opponent with the Carlton dance!
  • Play online – Invite your Steam friends on your virtual couch using Steam Remote Play Together.
  • Pyramid of the Day – Each day a new set of levels is generated. Get to learn the best path and brag your highest score on the online leaderboard. Which resets every 24hrs.
  • Lovable characters – The odd couple, Giorgio and Felicie are two complete opposites. She likes reading and visiting museums and old temples. He likes beer and farting! Will they put their differences aside and find their way out?
  • Learning by Dying – With each painful, hilarious, and surprising death. Players will learn how to think faster to escape the traps and creatures lurking in the pyramids.

Be fast or slow, greedy or cautious, safe or reckless. It’s all a fine balance between risk and reward! This is Pyramid Plunge and it’s coming Early Access in Q4 2020 on Steam Early Access. Due to launch in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC in 2021. You can download a demo for Windows PC now on Steam and Due to arrive soon with native support as well. And looks like it’s priced at $4.99 USD.

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