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Q U B E 2 release and native support update

Q U B E 2 release and linux gaming support update and windows

Q U B E 2 will release in 2018 and we have a gaming update, Windows first, Linux later. Although developer Toxic Games are eager to release the sequel, they do not outline a release date yet. But do confirm that a Linux release will happen.

Linux release update:

“We have new gameplay content coming soon too. Although, we won’t be releasing on Linux on initial release.”

Since independent developer Toxic Games does have some Q U B E 2. Hence the Unreal Engine 4 demo is playable at events including Gamescom, PAX West and EGX. While introducing players to functions of each coloured cube.
So now in Q U B E 2, as opposed to the prequel. The player can now choose which coloured cubes are used in the environments.

Q.U.B.E. 2 Demo Gameplay (Windows, Linux gaming comes later)

Q U B E 2 is coming to Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early 2018. Dispite the lack of release date for Q U B E 2 we are still eager to see more. While gameplay puts the player in the shoes of British archaeologist, Amelia Cross. All set on a beautiful yet mysterious alien planet.
So with the help of fellow survivor, Emma. Amelia must face the challenges of the Q.U.B.E.. Hoping to find a way back home. Working through the shifting, environmental puzzles of the original. While wrapping the action around Amelia’s own intimate story. As well as her quest for survival.

Q U B E 2 Features

  • Master Eleven Puzzle Areas and Solve over 80 Puzzles
  • Explore Diverse Environments that Expand the Q.U.B.E. World
  • Experience an All New Adventure and Brand New Characters
  • Interact with New and Improved Game Mechanics
  • Original Musical Score Composed by BAFTA nominated composer, David Housden

Q U B E 2 is coming to both Steam and gaming. So expect to first see Windows support, followed by Linux. Without an official release date. Wow, that comes across like a Mom reminder to clean your room.

Toxic Games’ debut title, Q.U.B.E., was released back in late 2011 followed by Q.U.B.E.: Director’s Cut which was released on PC in 2014 on console platforms in 2015. This featured a completely new story, voice acting, an all-new original soundtrack and a special time trial mode. Toxic Games are currently working on the sequel to their award-winning first-person puzzle game, namely, Q U B E 2.