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Quadrilateral Cowboy hacking heist puzzle game announced release date


#BlendoGames has finally given curious onlookers a timeline for the Steam debut of its #upcoming #hacking/heist/puzzle game, three years after the last Quadrilateral Cowboy trailer was published. The latest in a growing number of titles receiving last-minute July 25th release dates for Windows PC. But do not get too excited, the Linux and Mac releases are expected in September.

Quadrilateral Cowboy is a heist game, set in an old-school fictional world where 56K modems and minimal planning are all that is needed to infiltrate secure buildings. Players take control all four members of the team, comprised of a Caseman, an Engineer, a Greaseman and a Hacker, all using a briefcase-sized computer to disrupt the security systems. Quadrilateral Cowboy has that whole Ocean’s Eleven simulator vibe with a smaller team and more hacking. None of which will be easy but finishing heists that have been in development for four-plus years by Blendo game, hopefully proving to be entertaining. Which is definitely a game that relies heavily on trial-and-error gameplay.

Quadrilateral Cowboy was originally shown off at PAX Prime in 2012 (now PAX West), then just disappeared from headlines. Blendo finally released the latest offering to the general public, the Windows version will be ready later this month; July 25th. However, the Linux and Mac are being delayed until September. Presuming the reason for this has to do with the support factor, release on PC first, iron out issues, then launch more stable ports.

For a closer look at Quadrilateral Cowboy, watch the game’s aging trailer and have a look through some of the development videos on Blendo Games’ YouTube channel.

Quadrilateral Cowboy is in development for Linux, Mac and Windows with the launch expected on Steam.


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