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Quantum: Recharged retro shooter out soon

quantum: recharged 2d action shooter game has a release date for linux atari vcs mac windows pc

Quantum: Recharged 2D action shooter game now has a release date for Linux, Atari VCS, Mac, and Windows PC. SneakyBox poured their heart and soul to bring this masterpiece back to life. Due to make its way onto Steam next week.

Let’s dive into some classic arcade gaming with a taste of 21st-century classics. This is not just any other past-time; this is Quantum: Recharged, straight from the legendary house of Atari. They’ve been at the top of the market since before most of us were born. So now, they’re bringing some of that golden-age classics right to Linux PC’s.

Remember those vintage arcade machines? Now, Atari’s taken the 2D action shooter game and put a modern spin on it. Imagine having the rush of the ’80s arcades, but with the slickness and polish of today’s graphics and controls.

In Quantum: Recharged, you’re in control of a ship. But here’s the twist: there are no lasers or guns on this ride. As a result, your mission is to use that ship’s leverage to trap and circle your enemies, creating ares of pure doom. It’s about flexing and outthinking your enemies, and strategically taking control of the battlefield.

Quantum: Recharged – Release Date Announcement

Now, while the essence is retro, the features are nothing short of futuristic. Since you can dodge endlessly, or freeze your enemies. These power-ups let you change the outcome of a battle, due to make you practically unstoppable.

If you ever feel like sharing the action, there’s a co-op mode in Quantum: Recharged. Bring a friend along and strategize in tandem, covering more ground and keeping enemies at bay. And if you’re in the mood for some friendly competition, there’s a global leaderboard for you to stamp your mark. Doing so in both the Arcade and Challenge modes.

In case you’re curious about the minds behind this modern classic 2D action shooter, give a salute to Sneakybox for developing it and Atari for bringing it to PC. Whether you’re on Linux, Mac, Windows PC, or Atari VCS, gear up for the August 17, 2023, release date. It’s time to experience the past, present, and future of arcade gaming. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

Now, to connect into all things retro with Atari. Since they’ve been creating magic for years, there’s always something new around the corner. Maybe you want to keep an ear out for the tunes from the brilliant Megan McDuffie. Follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, and join the community on Discord.

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