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Quantum: Recharged unleashes on Linux

quantum: recharged arcade action shooter game launches on linux mac and windows pc

Quantum: Recharged arcade action shooter game launches on Linux, Atari VCS, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to SneakyBox for their incredible work and effort on this release. Available now on Steam.

Atari, a legendary name in the gaming world, recently unveiled a fresh take on a classic, Quantum: Recharged. Now, if you’re also scratching your head wondering what the original was about, don’t worry. The arcade action shooter first hit arcades about 40 years ago. Well before any of us were deep into our PC adventures. So of course, it’s exciting to see old gems get a polish with modern twists on Linux.

Core Concept of Quantum: Recharged, a vast space arena filled with hostile enemies. You’re at the helm of a nimble ship, but here’s the twist: there are no onboard weapons. So, no lasers, guns, or missiles. Then how do you deal with these adversaries? By drawing boundaries around them and creating zones that wipe them out. Therefore, it’s all about strategy, swift moves, and making sure you avoid enemies.

Visuals and Sound: Quantum: Recharged brings the cosmos to life. Everything, from the vibrant cosmic visuals to the energetic background beats. Since its design launches you into this universe. A special shout out to Megan McDuffie, an acclaimed composer, who’s behind the soundtrack that’s bound to have you grooving while you work through the challenges.

Quantum: Recharged Trailer

Modern Features: Even though it’s rooted in retro, it’s not without present day touches:

  • New Moves & Boosts: Outmanoeuvre foes and defend against menacing laser attacks. Especially from sneaky foes like Quarks and Neutrons.
  • Different Modes: You have two ways to play – ‘Challenge Mode’, where you tackle 25 distinct levels. You can also play ‘Arcade Mode’ which tests how long you can last against increasing waves of threats.
  • Boosters: Throughout your Quantum: Recharged journey, look out for boosts that pop up. These can give your ship temporary abilities like endless evasive maneuvers. Or the power to temporarily halt adversaries, even gran an extra life.
  • Team Play & Competition: Partner with a friend to strategize and clear threats more skillfully. And if you have that competitive streak, there are global Quantum: Recharged leaderboards for you to climb. So you can showcase your skills to the world.

Quantum: Recharged might be a nod to the past, but it’s built for today’s audience. The arcade action shooter game invites players to think, strategize, and test themselves in a stunning space arena. Whether you’re a veteran player or someone just starting out, it’s a title worth exploring. And the game is also launching on Linux, Atari VCS, with Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $9.99 USD / £8.50 / 9,75€ on Steam.

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