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Quantumleaper solve puzzles as Schrodinger

quantumleaper solve puzzles as schrodinger on linux windows pc

Quantumleaper will let you solve puzzles as Schrodinger on Windows PC, the Linux. According to developer Elias Sant’Ana. Due to release on Steam later this month.

Quantumleaper is not a classic puzzle platformer. Since you play as Alexander Schrodinger. While using your Superposition ability to solve things that are impossible to complete. Duplicate your position with a single button. Press it again to switch between your two selves at any time, no matter how far.

Linux Support:

Quantumleaper uses a custom engine written specifically for the game. The graphics core uses DirectX 11, but it was written considering a future OpenGL port. The other cores (audio, input, i/o…) were also written with portability in mind and the game code itself is not tied to Windows either.
So, you can expect a Linux version, probably by March 2020.

Therefore, despite the custom engine Elias is looking to port to other platforms. So it’s a pleasure to see a developer eager to back Linux. But the native release is a couple of months off. Since Elias Sant’Ana is a solo developer for the project.
Likewise, we will have more details as we inch closer to support. And since the release is a couple of weeks away, maybe a Proton update.

Quantumleaper Trailer

So you might call Quantumleaper a quantum puzzle platformer. While you survive deadly robots and please a very demanding kitten. You can also use your other self to activate switches. Then mislead enemies and block projectiles. Sometimes, even tunnel through walls. As you progress Schrodinger, new components will require you to find new ways to advance. Using both intelligence and skill through a huge maze filled with deadly puzzles.

Unfortunately, once you are part of the experiment, there is no way to opt out

Likewise, feel free to explore the Quantumleaper labs. Hopefully find a way out by yourself. Every security measure is in place to make sure nobody gets hurt or dies more than usual.


  • Superposition: a simple, yet powerful new mechanic. This also provides a fresh take on the puzzle platformer formula.
  • Complex Levels: each level is full of multiple puzzles. And they get increasingly bigger with more detail.
  • Spooky Agents: powerful bosses that will require mastering the use of superposition.
  • Exploration: the game starts linear. Then gets more and more open as players advance.
  • Life Plates: elusive secrets that are hidden deep in the experiment.
  • An Intriguing Story: a protagonist that doesn’t accept handwaves. And tries his best to analyze the bizarre situation he is in.
  • Custom Engine: Quantumleaper uses its own engine written from scratch, which guarantees good performance even on low-end machines.

Quantumleaper will let you solve puzzles with Schrodinger via Steam. Due to release on November 29th on Windows PC. With Linux support coming March 2020.

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