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Quartet retro-inspired JRPG close to funding goal

quartet retro-inspired jrpg close to funding goal for linux mac and windows pc

Quartet retro-inspired JRPG game is close to funding goal for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to backers who are supporting the development for Something Classic Games. Currently getting close to the crowdfunding campaign‘s funding goal.

Quartet is the second retro inspired JRPG from games studio Something Classic. So now, after completing its first week on Kickstarter. The campaign reaches 78% of its ($35,000 USD) funding goal (ending October 1st, 2021)! A spiritual successor to Something Classic’s 2017 release, Shadows of Adam. Quartet lets players control eight characters across four stories. These will also gradually merge into one big quest. Backers have already snapped up rewards like the ability to design an NPC. Plus a piece of elite gear, and also a whole dungeon.

“We’re so grateful for the outpouring of support and we’re closing in on our initial funding goal,” says director Patrick Holleman. “Just over the horizon we have a stretch goal to release Quartet on Nintendo Switch, and we’re very excited for that.”

Quartet Kickstarter Trailer

Hundreds of players have already lost themselves in the world of Quartet’s demo. Whether it’s the tag team combat using a team of eight unique characters. Including dozens of unique skills between them. It could also means getting to know the deep lore of the game. Since players from all over the world show their affection for Quartet. You too can learn about how the characters fight, and what they’re fighting for. Since you can check out the 30-60 minute demo for yourself.

Features include:

  • Eight heroes in Quartet with a unique roster of spells and abilities
  • Tactically deep tag-team combat
  • A sprawling, character driven story
  • Tons of epic and imaginative loot

Quartet begins with four separate chapters, playable in any order. Doing so in four chapters, where players meet eight unlikely heroes. Then they get to see how the stories intertwine into an epic story. All surrounding the war over the control of magic. In battle, players deploy four characters at any time. While having the ability to instantly swap the other four characters in, tag-team style.

Quartet the retro-inspired JRPG game is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to reach or surpass the crowdfunding campaign‘s $35,000 USD funding goal by October 1st. Also, be sure to first check out the free demo. It’s worth playing.

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