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Quest Master is an epic dungeon maker

quest master is a dungeon maker game coming to linux mac and windows pc

Quest Master is a dungeon maker game coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The efforts of developer Skydevilpalm is showcasing their dedication and hard work. Due to make its way on both Steam and GOG.

Let me tell you about Quest Master. It’s an adventure game for Linux where you can design your own dungeons and go on epic quests. Which is all due to the minds of developer Skydevilpalm. It will first be available via Early Access in Q3 2023.

In Quest Master, you get to create your own dungeons and quests using a unique toolset. It’s like a sandbox dungeon maker where you can let your imagination run wild. Offering a retro style with pixel art graphics, paying tribute to the classic top-down action role-playing games of the past.

Creating your dungeons is super easy. Use different tiles to build all kinds of places like caves with lava, forests, deserts, and more. You can also add characters like non-player characters (NPCs) and create signs with different messages. Even have a bunch of dialogue options to choose from when creating conversations.

Quest Master | Announcement Trailer

Once you’ve finished designing your dungeon, it’s time to jump into Quest Master and explore. You’ll encounter enemies like bats, snakes, and skeletons. You’ll also have weapons like a bow and a hookshot to help you defeat them. Likewise, you can use magic and solve puzzles to unlock doors and progress through the dungeons. Some areas might have water or boulders that can only be crossed with a hammer or flippers.

The dungeon maker lets you have complete control over the difficulty of your quests. In Quest Master you can make them easy or super challenging, with tough enemies and tricky puzzles. You can even create whole quests with different areas, bosses to fight, and side missions to complete. Also set up strategic enemy spawn points to make the dungeons even more challenging.

If you want, you can play Quest Master with friends. Up to three players can join in and explore the dungeons together. You can also share the quests you create with others and try out quests made by other players online. It’s a great way to show off your creations and discover adventures made by fellow designers.

If you’re a fan of old-school top-down action titles, you’ll like Quest Master. So you can recreate levels from classic games and create your own adventures inspired by those 16-bit classics. Coming to Steam Early Access and GOG. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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