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RADIX Chronicle classic type RPG funded

radix chronicle classic type tactical rpg game is already funded on kickstarter for linux and windows pc

RADIX Chronicle classic type tactical RPG game is already funded on Kickstarter for Linux and Windows PC. Developer Luna Flora has achieved remarkable creative success with their latest project. The crowdfunding campaign has already passed its original funding goal.

RADIX Chronicle is a new title that combines strategy and adventure. If you’re a fan of tactical role-playing, get ready for a unique twist that sets RADIX Chronicle apart from the rest.

In most games, your success in battles depends on luck, but not in RADIX Chronicle. This is a t itle that focuses on your skills rather than chance. When you attack, use items, cast spells, or defend yourself, you’ll face a test called the Ring Trial. It’s like a mini-game where you have to click at just the right time. There’s a moving indicator, and you have to click when it’s in the Blue Zone to perform your action successfully. But if you’re really skilled and manage to click when the indicator is in the Red Zone, you’ll achieve critical success. Which can also be really powerful! Just be careful not to miss your timing, as that could lead to less effective attacks.

But that’s not all! In RADIX Chronicle, you also have the power to change the battlefield itself. The terrain where you fight can have a big impact on battles, but you can use your magical abilities to modify the terrain to your advantage. For example, you could create obstacles for your enemies or enhance your own defenses. But be on guard, since your enemies can do the same and try to use the terrain against you. It adds a whole new layer of strategy.

RADIX Chronicle Kickstarter Trailer

Now let’s talk about the story. In RADIX Chronicle, you follow the journey of a group of unlikely heroes. It starts with Princess Sahana, who gets sent away by the new king to marry a provincial governor named Kadi. But things aren’t what they seem! Kadi treats Sahana kindly, but he spends most of his time doing mysterious research in the woods. To make matters more interesting, there’s a mercenary named Celestora who claims she wants to kill Kadi but is always by his side. Confused and tired of this strange situation, Sahana decides to join forces with Celestora and other misfits. Together, they explore the wilds, facing dangerous monsters and searching for answers about Kadi’s research.

RADIX Chronicle is a tactical RPG that offers an exciting and challenging gameplay. Along with its skill-based combat system and the ability to change the battlefield. But what makes it even better is that the choices you make in battles affect the story. Instead of just picking from predetermined options, the plot of changes based on your actions in battle. Your decisions and your skill in fights will determine the fate of your party in different ways. It’s like your own adventure where you have control over the outcome.

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We already have great news for Linux gamers. RADIX Chronicle will be available on the platform too, so you can join in the epic journey.

In summary, RADIX Chronicle tactical RPG is an amazing title on Kickstarter. Since it combines strategy, adventure, and storytelling. You’ll need to use your skills to master the Ring Trial, change the battlefield to gain an advantage, and make decisions that shape the fate of the characters. Get ready for an epic adventure full of excitement and challenges. It’s coming to Linux and Windows PC in March 2024. So be sure to support the crowdfunding campaign. Also Wishlist on Steam.

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