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Raft the survival crafting game dropped native support

raft survival crafting game dropped linux and mac support

So found out about Raft, the #survival crafting #game on the store earlier this month. Since release, the game has already seen a few updates before the end of 2016 with cross platform #support.

While gameplay is straight forward. Players take the role of a character in middle of the ocean stranded on a Raft. While starting off with a hook and a very small raft. The player needs to catch drifting debris floating by to build somthing bigger.

Since that sounds great, we were really hoping for a lot more with Raft. Ideally releasing the game on Steam with cross-platform support. Yet, that is not the case in the recent blog post.

No more Linux and Mac support!

Unfortunately, we will no longer support Mac and Linux. Since we are three people, and we do not work on Linux or Mac, we don’t have the time or resources to develop to these platforms. As the game becomes more complex, more and more problems arise specifically on Mac and Linux, which means we would have to spend too much time fixing those problems. We’re really sorry about this, and we hope to be able to port to these platforms in the future! We hope you understand!

While the development team has released version 1.05 for Windows 32 and 64 bit, Linux and Mac is left with version 1.04, obviously. But the disappointing part, the bugs. Once again a small team trying to make an epic game and keep up support. We see this a lot with Early Access games such as the coming release of Northgard and Semispheres. Which is often why game developers hold back on further platform support, despite the demise from the gaming community.

Here’s hoping this decision is only “at least for now” of the development stage and not permanent.


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