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Raidborn epic first person dungeon crawler support

raidborn epic first person dungeon crawler support in linux gaming with windows pc

Raidborn is epic first person dungeon crawler due to receive support in Linux gaming with Windows PC. Thanks to recent details from indie developer Phodex Games. Which will be making it’s way onto Steam Early Access in 2021.

Raidborn comes with a profound focus on ferocious combat and level exploration. The game is coming to Steam Early Access in late 2021. Due to make it’s way onto Windows PC’s. But there are also plans for Linux support as well.

I am a huge fan of open-source projects and I am using the Unity 3D game engine. Its no big deal to port it to Linux.
I think I may offer an experimental build for Linux when Early Access launches in late 2021. And improve it during Early Access.

While this great news and the use of Unity 3D is no surprise. Phodex games are also worried about porting Raidborn to Linux based on limited experience. But with Early Access, will also offer up further community involvement. Both in helping to shape the gameplay and ideally, Linux testing. Which does not have a specific time just yet, since this is an announcement.

Raidborn is due to remain in Early Access for roughly 3-12 months. Which is a bit of a gap. But this also depends on the amount of feedback. Likewise, the amount of additional content that needs to be developed. As well as how successful the game will be to justify the additional development time. But first, check out the trailer below.

Raidborn Announcement Trailer

Raidborn, at it’s heart, is a first person action RPG. So players will experience a refreshing blend of popular features. While you immerse yourself in a captivating and atmospheric adventure. Explore dynamically generated levels, and hurl yourself into brutal combat. Then experiment with numerous exciting skills as you collect loot and wealth.

In Raidborn, you a member of the royal guard. But end up dishonorably discharged from service, after the horrific murder of the king.
To make matters worse, there magical crystals sprouting from the ground all over the land. As a result, this turns surrounding creatures into mindless minions. So now it’s up to you to clear your name and save the world of Runia from a dark demon lord.


  • Dynamically generated levels and quests
  • Sophisticated ragdoll physics
  • Weighty weapons feedback
  • Satisfying kick mechanic
  • Extensive skill tree
  • Animal companions
  • A diverse arsenal of melee and ranged weapons

Raidborn first person dungeon crawler is due to release in late 2021. Priced at $24.99 USD, 24.99 €, £22.99 via Steam Early Access. Slated for Windows PC, but there is a Linux build on the way. Along with support for both English and German. With more languages to be announced later.

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