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Raiders of the Lost Island dev looks into support

raiders of the lost island local co-op party game developer looks into support for linux and windows pc

Raiders of the Lost Island local co-op party game developer looks into support for Linux along with Windows PC. Thanks to details from Last Tales. Which is already a success on Steam. Coming in with 100% Positive reviews.

Raiders of the Lost Island is a local co-op party game. Where to 4 players compete in looting treasures from a sinking island. All while building a raft together to survive the final wave. Something unique that is not like your usual party game. As you play in shared split screen pvp or co-op.

As for the mechanics, it is a party semi-cooperative game. So there will be a lot of social interactions on the couch. While gameplay itself can be become quite competitive with the right players. Which is also considered to be family game. Still Raiders of the Lost Island forces you to cooperate. And likewise, if no one makes the boat, no one will win. So it’s a lot about convincing others to work for you.

A native Linux port:

As for Linux support, well it’s a bit more objective. Since it is still under consideration.

A Linux version was not in the plan. But at some point I might look into it.

Also note, that Unity 3D is being used for development. And given the success of Raiders of the Lost Island on Steam. Releasing the game on as many platforms as possible would be ideal. Especially given the current success of the game on Steam. Although the next port will be Nintendo Switch. After that, with enough support from the community, hopefully Linux.
Due note, Proton support already works at a Platinum level. Still, support for Linux would bode even better. Likewise, this is the type of couch party game you can easily play using Remote Play Together. And its certainly worth it.
Once again, this means getting that Wishlist support in. Just make sure to click your name in the Steam client, select your Store Preferences. Making sure Linux is the ONLY platform selected.

Raiders Of The Lost Island – Launch Trailer

Raiders of the Lost Island gets my attention simply due to the fact that you have to work together. Building a boat to survive the final wave. Since this means either you WIN alone or DIE together.
The currenct release comes after more than 3 years in development. So now that the game exits Early Access with a fully release on Steam. Hence the need for a Linux build.

Indie developer studio Last Tales was among the finalists at Casual Connect London 2018. And winning Best Game of the Show and Best Design awards at Dev-Play Eastern Europe Game Convention 2017. Raiders of the Lost Island was part of East European Comic-con and at Gamescom Cologne 2019.

Raiders of the Lost Island is available now on Steam. Priced at $12.99 USD. Available for Windows PC, but currently playable on Linux using Proton. Hopefully with enough community support, we can get the Linux port.

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