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Rail Route free standalone prologue due in June

rail route the game free standalone prologue due in june on linux mac windows pc the story of jozic

Rail Route free standalone prologue due in June on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC called the Story of Jozic. Thanks to the commitment and support of developer The game is currently available via Steam Early Access.

All signals on green! Rail Route is rolling out the big railcars this summer. Also presenting a free standalone prologue to the game on June 21st. The Story of Jozic gives players a glimpse into the game’s endless mode. Doing so through a mysterious (and sometimes even funny) story.

Rail Route‘s beloved mentor Jozic takes you on as an apprentice. Showing you all his tricks and tricks. But be warned, you’ll also encounter things from your mentor’s story that he would rather have left in the past.

Rail Route – The Story of Jozic – Announcement Trailer

Gameplay combines the cathartic, soothing experience with a story of intrigue and gloom. All while offering a fresh experience for new and current players. The concept behind the game and the Story of Jozic. Which also takes inspiration from the real-world profession of dispatcher.

What’s new in Rail Route with The Story of Jozic:

  • A fully voiced story with several unique characters.
  • An extended tutorial that gives players the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in Rail Route.
  • The completely new possibility to determine the course of the story yourself. Doing so in multiple choice dialogues.
  • Hidden dialogue options, easter eggs and secret paths to be discovered.

Rail Route is a management and tycoon game inspired by the train dispatching profession. Doing so with different modes (“Endless Mode” – a sandbox mode in which players can expand their rail network infinitely. There is also a “Schedule Mode” – a linear mode in which you master the challenge like a puzzle. A “Rush Hour” – a intense wave game mode that demands quick thinking). As a result, the game offers an exciting experience for every playstyle. While the free standalone prologue offers you even more.

Rail Route is currently available in Early Access on Steam. Priced at $19.99 USD / £15.49 / 17,49€. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

The Story of Jozic is available to add to the Steam Wishlist now. Visit the official website and join the community on Discord and Twitter.

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