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Rail Route train dispatcher simulator out now

rail route train dispatcher simulator releases via linux gaming mac and windows pc

Rail Route train dispatcher simulator releases with support for Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the generous support from developer Which is available via Steam Early Access with 100% reviews.

Following the success of Rail Route in the Steam Next Festival. The train dispatcher simulator game enters into early access. Likewise, we even have day one support in Linux gaming. Which is also rare for Early Access releases. So a huge kudos to

Rail Route is a tycoon management game based on railroad dispatching. While offering a relaxed and easy to learn gameplay. Allowing you to build and control your railway network.

Take on new contracts and manage growing train traffic. Expand and optimize the rail network. Unlock new tech and also improve the infrastructures. While you monitor rail traffic screens and make the right decisions. The further you develop your Rail Route railway network, the more complex it will be to manage. Since automation is a vital feature for all dispatchers to master.

Rail Route: Early Access Launch Trailer

Rail Route offers different game modes to test your skills solo or against other dispatchers. Since you can have free rein to your creativity in the creation (or reproduction) of railway networks.

  • The Endless Map Mode

Manage ever-growing traffic of trains. Accept more contracts, add tracks, trains, stations, and upgrade your system through multiple technology trees. Think optimization and automation.

  • The Scored Map Mode

Ideal to challenge yourself and your friends. Check your skills in managing train timetables on a fixed Rail Route map. Since trains and tracks do not change over time.

  • The Map Editor Mode

Create a map for either Map mode: Endless or Scored. While you recreate your favorite junction. As you build your hometown from scratch or design a railroad of your own. You can also your Rail Route map through the Steam Workshop.


  • Unique Experience
  • 2 game modes: Endless and Scored Maps
  • Maps Editor
  • Accept different types of traffic contracts on your Rail Route
  • Operate trains according to their timetables
  • Expand your rail network, build new useful components and buildings
  • Earn rewards – money & experience points
  • Unlock upgrades – improve your Rail Route
  • Automate – build various sensors and automate the operations

Features to be developed during EA:

  • Shunting – trains compositions, attaching/detaching of the cars
  • Freight Yard Maps – handle the incoming and outgoing Rail Route
  • Map events – include a random event or a storyline into your maps
  • Translation in 10+ languages (English, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Portuguese-brazil, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Swedish, Portuguese, …)
  • is looking for great suggestions from the community to improve the game.

Rail Route train dispatcher simulator releases on Steam Early Access. Priced $14.99 USD / 12.49€ while offering a 10% discount until June 30th. Along with day one support in Linux gaming, with Mac and Windows PC.

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