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Railgunners shmup releases playable Demo

railgunners coming to linux mac windows games releases demo

After almost two years of development. Developer Expresso Game Studios are releasing their first Playable DEMO for Windows on Steam and Since Railgunners is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows in 2018. The games a mix of driven shooter, with shmup and runner genres. So players will have to fight through hundreds of enemies. All while helping humanity fight back against the alien invasion.

Linux version?

“The engine we are using is Game Maker Studio. And yes, we will absolutely release it for Linux too, and Mac if possible.”

Railgunners is a story driven shooter. Really it’s a mix of shmup and runner genres. Where players fight through hundreds of the games enemy ships. Working to help humanity’s effort against the alien invasion.

So there are 3 playable characters to choose from. Each one with a unique experimental ship. Armed with powerful guns and special abilities.

To accomplish you mission, players you will need to smash into one of the main reactors. Since this is part of the alien mothership. You will be responsible for disabling the energy shield. This can only have a breach using materials of a certain frequency. Which of course your ship embodies.

Railgunners – Trailer:

The full Railgunners game will feature:

  • 3 playable characters with unique balancing and skills
  • Over 5 stages, each with a challenging boss blocking your path
  • randomized enemy placement, it’s not enough to mimic your past movements, learn different enemy patterns and act accordingly
  • Defeating bosses and obtaining a certain upgrades will unlock the bits of the story
  • Tough but fair gameplay, be ready to sharpen your reflexes!

The Railgunners Demo features the complete first stage. Which is playable on Windows from both Steam and All basic mechanics are in place and Expresso Studios will expand content and polish. Since game still has TBA release date in Q2 of 2018, which will be priced at $10.99 USD.

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