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Railway Empire for release coming Q4 2017

railway empire for release coming q4 2017 in linux windows games

Kalypso Media is keen to announce #RailwayEmpire. Since the #games release is scheduled for 2017 on Linux, #Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Therefore Railway Empire takes players back into the North American Frontier Era. All presented in this tycoon simulation game.
So players begin the adventure in 1830-1930, which is the heart of the industrial age. Building and exploiting the economic opportunities of the United States. While creating an empire by buying, building railways and railroad stations.

Since player have the choice of over 40 different locomotives. Each train is a model in distinct detail. So the player can customize everything from the appearance a locomotive, wagon with initials, numbers or company logo. There are 40 historically accurate locomotives. With more than 30 different wagons which can be bought in the game.

Railway Empire – Gameplay Trailer:

So like the real world, players face competition in Railroad Empire. It’s up to the player to maintain buildings, factories, and tourist attractions. Yet you can hire personnel to and maintain an effective working station. And players choose up to six different characters. Each with their own skills or create your very own character.
Also, Railway Empire has three different rivals to compete with. So players can sabotage a competitor and everything they built. Using bandits and spies which seem pretty intense.

Some of the game’s features include 300 technologies and over two tech trees. With High-quality graphics and extremely detailed topography which makes it’s visually remarkable. Developed by Gaming Minds, located in Gütersloh and Germany. Known for games like Patrician, the Port Royale series and many other titles. The game will support different languages as well such as English, French, German, Russian and Chinese. Another feature that is pretty interesting is the Ride Along feature. You can ride your locomotive in first person view to give that more realistic view.

So far it looks like Railway Empire is scheduled to release in Q4 2017. Despite the games Steam page outlining Q1 2018 for Linux and Windows.