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Railway Empire content update adds full map

Railway Empire content update adds full map for Linux and Windows games

Railway Empire content update adds full coast to coast map of the US for Linux and Windows. So thanks to Kalypso Media and Gaming Minds Studios. Announcing the release of the free Transcontinental Content Update. Since this is now available for the Steam version of Railway Empire.
The update introduces a host of new features to the rail tycoon simulator. While inspired by the feedback and requests of the game’s dedicated fans.

Content Update and Map (Linux, Windows)

The headline feature of the new update is the additional of the new Transcontinental North American Map. Coming to the ‘Free’ and ‘Sandbox’ modes. Which will finally allow tycoons the ability to expand their empire. Extending from coast to coast, across the entire country on one eye-wateringly massive map.
Players will also be able to play a full 100-year campaign. This includes the new Centennial Era option. Allowing you to research and develop all available locomotives in a single game. Spanning 100 years of progress. Along with a newly balanced tech tree and dynamic market system. This introduces new goods and commodities over time. The update also includes a range of other fixes and improvements. Details of which can be seen in the full changelog.

The Transcontinental Content Update is just one part of Kalypso’s future plans for Railway Empire. The developers at Gaming Minds Studios are already hard at work on further free updates, which will include a random map generator, enhanced AI, X-crossings and other improvements inspired by player feedback – details of which will be announced in due course, along with updates for the console versions.

Development Road Map

railway empire games free updates roadmap for linux and windows on steam

Railway Empire on Steam:

And for those that haven’t yet started out on their own epic entrepreneurial enterprise, Kalypso has also launched a new week-long promotion on Steam (available until 10:00 am PST on April 2nd, where a 15% discount is currently available for Railway Empire.
As an added bonus, owners of a previous Gaming Minds title (any one of Patrician IV, Rise of Venice, Port Royale 3 or Grand Ages: Medieval) can also unlock a 10% discount against Railway Empire for the next month (available until 1:00 pm PST on April 26th). This extra discount is stackable with the week-long promotion, for a possible total of 25% off the regular price.

Also, both GOG and Humble Store list Railway Empire. But the discount is ONLY available on Steam.

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