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Railway Empire – Japan DLC releases with discount

railway empire - japan dlc releases with discount on linux mac and windows pc

Railway Empire – Japan DLC releases with discount on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing development effort of Gaming Minds Studios. Which is available no on Steam, GOG, Kalypso Store, but no listing yet on Humble Store.

Between cherry blossoms and snow capped ranges. Now Kalypso Media and developer Gaming Minds Studios deliver Railway Empire – Japan. This is also the ninth DLC for beloved rail tycoon sim.

Railway Empire – Japan transports the series to late 1800’s Japan. Here an industrial revolution is booming and the people are crying out for a national railway. After the successful revival of the Meiji rule. Now the Land of the Rising Sun’s long term zeal to develop is every present. Since it’s time to have its own modern, nationwide railway network. Due to become a reality as people from formerly feudal regions are eager to travel to booming cities. Players can lay tracks between mountains and hot springs. All while using insight, planning and clever strategy to build a railway network. Then put together a ‘great commute’, moving Japan into a new industrial age.

The original Railway Empire earned praise from critics and fans. All thanks to its vivid mix of trading, rail network management and corporate spying. Railway Empire – Japan DLC will be the ninth expansion to the rail sim’s roster. While previous releases included Australia, Sweden, France, Germany, and Great Britain. As well as Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Continuing support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

Railway Empire – Japan DLC Trailer

In Railway Empire, create an complex and wide ranging rail network. Buy over 40 different trains modelled in amazing detail. Then buy or build railway stations, maintenance buildings, and factories. You can also acquire tourist attractions to keep your travel network ahead of the others. Railway Empire – Japan will have you also hire and manage your workforce. That is if you want to ensure an efficient train service. While even developing over 300 pieces of tech. These ranging from mechanical changes to the trains themselves to workplace systems and advanced conforts. As you works through five eras of tech designs.

However, you can’t just build and research your way to the top. Since the competition never sleeps. Therefore to keep your business on track, you’ll have to survive against up to three rival tycoons. To move up the ladder, you may have to resort to more vicious tactics in Railway Empire – Japan too. Having to attack and damage your rivals through raids and industrial spying.


  • 2 new scenarios: ‘Rising Sun’ (1870 – 1890) and ‘Twisted Paths’ (1900 – 1920)
  • Map expansion: 3 new maps of “Japan” (All, Mid and South) available in Free Game and Sandbox modes.
  • 8 historical engines including the D51 Degoichi, Class 9600 Kyuroku and Class 8620 Hachiroku
  • 28 new tradeable goods (e. g. sake and rice). With 35 more cities to discover
  • Added ‘ticket’ feature playable on all Railway Empire maps. So you can cater to tourists and commuters to increase your profits
  • 11 iconic Japanese landmarks including Osaka Castle, Hells of Beppu and the Itsukushima Shrine
  • New music, buildings and reworked mini portraits for characters

Railway Empire – Japan releases via Linux, Mac, and Windows PC discount. Available on Steam, GOG, Kalypso Store. Along with a 10% discount until May 14th. Dropping the price to $10.79 USD from $12.00 USD.

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