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Railway Empire: Mexico new DLC releases

railway empire mexico new dlc releases for linux and windows

Railway Empire: Mexico is the new DLC for Linux and Windows. Also allowing enterprising gamers to get into bigger challenges.

Kalypso Media are eager to announce the next stop on Railway Empire. For those on the never-ending quest for entrepreneurial domination. Available on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

While playing in Railway Empire: Mexico, ambitious rail tycoons will finally break free from the North American border. While expanding their business to the varied and challenging landscapes of Mexico. Also giving players a variety of new and challenging missions.

These will take you from the arid northern regions of the country. All the way to the dense jungles of the south. So you can strive to boost Mexico’s economy in a new scenario taking place from 1873-1893.

Railway Empire – Mexico DLC (Linux, Windows)

The huge new map will be playable in both Free Game and Sandbox modes. While a range of new cities, goods and engines add even more opportunity for economic expansion.

As well as the new content, the DLC also introduces a new night mode. Allowing players to switch between day and night whenever they wish. While creating an all-new atmospheric take on the game. A prime opportunity to take lots of lovely screenshots.

Along with the Mexico DLC release, the Railway Empire base game also received a free update. So this brings the game up to V1.4 this week. This update also provides more great additions to enhance your gaming experience. Including the ability for players and AI opponents to build crossings and x-crossings.

AI opponents are now able to use complex track systems. When the player chooses the realistic track building mode in the game settings. This update continues Kalypso’s Games as a Service commitment to all our new releases providing free updates and content enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Steam, GOG and Humble releases:

Railway Empire: Mexico is releases worldwide on Linux and Windows for $7.99 USD. This is also available on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

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