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Rain Games Looking for Linux Alpha Testers Today

Rain Games Looking for Linux Alpha Testers Today

Dear Linux Game News,

Birds are tweeting, Teslagrad’s still doing pretty good on Greenlight, and we’re getting closer and closer to Grand Steam launch! But hey, we are making big steps toward the completion of the other Teslagrad releases too, and that’s the main reason why I write you today. Up to this date the team has been intensively testing the game in many different environments and platforms. The long and productive alpha test stage for the Windows port has really helped us to polish the game, improving it at many different levels. However, Unity —the engine in which Teslagrad is being developed—allow us to easily port it to many different platforms, including Linux. In fact, the very Unity provides that the build works on Ubuntu 10.10 or later.

A latest stable Linux is now available for testing purposes. As we’re trying to get the best regarding the game experience and stability, we’re going to check the performance on some other Ubuntu versions, and other distros as well. That said, we’re glad to announce that up to 50 brave TeslaTesters will be chosen to play the game, with little more to do than enjoying it and eventually sending simple bug reports. We formally invite both you and your great audience to join the Linux beta, and therefore take part on this important and exciting stage of Teslagrad’s development. We at Rain Games would also like to take the ocassion to thank you for the support and passion devoted to our game. You rock!

Application and contact details

Anyone looking to take part, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

More details about Teslagrad can be found here on the Alpha Build page and the Rain Games forum.

Rain Games look forward to getting in touch with you, and collaborate together in order to do our part building a stronger Linux gaming community.

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