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Raji: An Ancient Epic needs Kickstarter funding

Raji: An Ancient Epic needs Kickstarter funding for Linux and Window on Steam

Raji: An Ancient Epic is an action adventure game crowdfunding now on Kickstarter. The games set in ancient India and coming to Windows via Steam… and Linux. Also, the developer are an Indian Indie development studio from Pune. They are Nodding Heads Games.

Raji, a young girl is chosen by the gods. Ready to stand against the demonic invasion of the human realm. Since her destiny to rescue her younger brother. While facing the demon lord Mahabalasura.

Kickstarter does not show Linux support:

“Thanks for getting in touch, we will endeavour to launch on Linux if we get funding. Please ask the community to help us achieve this by pledging supporting via our kickstarter campaign.”

Since some of you might be put off by this. Here’s the deal, the games development uses Unreal Engine 4. So you can be sure, if funded, we will have a Linux release. Personally, those are some solid odds.
While the release is not due until May 2019. Which is a ways off, there is a playable Demo on Steam and IndieDB. Check it out the link down below.

Also, each and every corner of Raji: An Ancient Epic is a painting done by hand. So a lot of dedication and countless hours. Which was the pinnacle of architectural achievement during the medieval era of India.

Raji: An Ancient Epic – Kickstarter Trailer (Windows, Linux)

Since everyone will love the visuals and the art direction. And also the character exploration. The Raji story and the game mechanics. So the dev’s need exposure to audiences that they do not normally have access to. Hence playing and sharing the Demo.


  • Choose your Gods to favour you, each one of them provides you with striking abilities for various weapons, allowing you to fight against all odds.
  • Customize the various abilities for each of the weapons, allowing you to fight with competence
  • Fight against a variety of enemies in Raji. Including mini bosses and epic boss battles. Every fight is more challenging than the previous.
  • Explore the levels to discover intriguing locations and exciting puzzles.
  • Quick switch between two weapons, allowing you to maneuver your tactics and approach to best your opponent.

The reason Nodding Heads Games are on Kickstarter. India has next to no business incentives for Raji. Nor any decent incubators and there’s zero grants available. Such as those available in the UK, US and EU. As for business loans, forget it. So, it’s ALL or NOTHING for developers. Also, the campaign is 40% funded right now.

The games Steam and IndieDB Demo:

So Nodding Heads Games would really appreciate it if you could play the demo. Since this is a Windows build on Steam and IndieDB. The developers are eager to get your thoughts.

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