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Rallyallyally party racer is due to get a port

rallyallyally local multiplayer party racer game is due to get a port for linux with windows pc

Rallyallyally local multiplayer party racer game is due to get a port for Linux with Windows PC. This is the fruit of dedicated labor and creativity from the team at Hairy Heart Games. Getting ready to make its way onto Steam next month.

Rallyallyally is a dynamic local multiplayer party racer game that’s perfect for playing with friends. This a race where the person in the lead gets to choose where the track goes—that’s the rolling road feature. It’s also the main attraction here. It adds a fresh twist to racing because as you take the lead, you’re the one creating the route to the finish line. Which also keeps everyone on their toes.

We are planning to support Linux, initially via Steam. We use Unity for development which seems to support Linux reasonably well.

This is the email reply from the developer of Rallyallyally. Also going on to state, “I am a programmer and have used Linux lots through the years, although not too much for playing games. I’m very happy to put the effort in to support it though.” It looks like we will have a day-one build, hopefully.

In this title, you’re not just racing; you’re battling with cool powerups. These aren’t just your average speed boosts, either. Some are totally unique, like a siren that not only shields you from others’ attacks. This can also make their own powerups malfunction. It’s about fast reflexes, quick thinking, and a bit of strategy.

Rallyallyally Release Date Announcement

The fun part is the chaos that comes with racing against others. You can play against seven other people in the same room, which is always a blast. But don’t worry if you can’t get a group together—there’s also the option to race against computer-controlled racers. Either way, you can have up to eight racers tearing up the track in Rallyallyally.

Leadership in this race means more than just speed. If you’re ahead, you have the power to shape the track itself, leading everyone to victory or perhaps off the beaten path. But staying in the lead isn’t just about making the road; you’ve got to be quick, sharp, and ready to use tactics to stay there. Sometimes, it might just come down to a giant boxing glove to keep your rivals at bay.

The Rallyallyally creators have designed this experience with lots of replay value. That means every time you play, it’ll feel different. This could be due to the variety of powerups that pop up, how you’ve set up your vehicle, or even if your friend Dave suddenly gets really good out of nowhere.

The team behind Rallyallyally has poured a lot of passion into making it, right down to the last detail. Hoping to make it a favorite choice for anyone’s gaming night.

Rallyallyally is hitting Steam on December 7th, 2023. It’s set to be a hit for anyone looking for a fun, local multiplayer party racer challenge with friends or solo against AI competitors. Coming to both Linux and Windows PC.

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