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Rank: Warmaster a space combat simulation port

rank: warmaster a space combat simulation game port for linux with windows pc

Rank: Warmaster a space combat simulation game due to get a port for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to the efforts of developer Laser Beams & Particle Streams Software, Inc. Which is now available via Steam Early Access.

Laser Beams & Particle Streams Software new Rank: Warmaster is available. While gameplay combines real-time strategy, space combat simulation, and 4X gameplay. Rank: Warmaster is a unique and epic game in which players explore and conquer Mars. Then venture out into the solar system to forge a new empire and bring peace to humanity.

As far as expecting a Linux port, if the interest keeps going like it is, it would make sense to.

The Discussions post also servers up similar information. Along with a mention of Proton, with a positive report. But the game engine itself is unique, being developed in C. According to details in the developer’s email, the engine was created on an Amiga. After which, ported over to Windows PC, then rewritten in 2017. So, this means, for Linux support, “change out the input/output wrapper functions from pointing to windows/DirectX API calls to the Linux equivalent.” Plus the engine itself does not have “multithreading issues” and it’s even modular.
On top of all this, the developer also comments further. Stating, “I think your interest and some other interests that I’ve seen will make a Linux port attempt a viable thing.” So feel free to share some Tux Love via Steam. You know, show Laser Beams & Particle Streams Software that you care.

Rank: Warmaster Extended Early Access Release Trailer

In Rank: Warmaster, players set their own goals to help expand their fledgling empire While you decide when to attack or retreat. And also where to place cities and structures for tactical purposes. The RTS interface paves the way for efficient base building as well as commanding epic battles. All while using its ease of movement and ability to issue specific commands to a large number of ships. So, when the need for a more personal touch arises, players can pilot their ships manually. Experiencing the thrill and terror of flight firsthand. If a player’s ship is destroyed in a large fleet battle, they can simply jump to another ship at the same time.

Rank: Warmaster features the tension and tactical decision making of an RTS game. Whose scope limit is only by your grand vision of cosmic conquest. When invaders attack, drop into a dogfight and put your space jockey skills to the test. Assemble and command a mighty fleet by leveraging the vast library of tech. All due to design and build your ships. Explore the territory around your bases, attack your enemies and enjoy the spoils of victory. You can also customize your experience by making the game as complex or as automated as you wish. Focus your talents on the areas of greatest interest. All while leaving the rest to your AI assistants. Or team up with friends to defeat AI or human foes. Available in Online PvP, LAN PvP, Online Co-op, and LAN Co-op.

The Early Access release:

Rank: Warmaster smoothly combines the most exciting elements of RTS, space combat, and 4X into a compelling experience. While the Early Access build of the game still has many features and technical improvements in the works. The final release is due sometime between Q2 and Q3 2022. Linux players can expect to jump in and have a thoroughly enjoyable a meaty experience. Do note, this is a Windows PC build for now, but the developer does have reports of successful Proton use. The game is also priced at $29.99 USD / £23.79 / 24,99€ via Steam Early Access. The Linux ETA is still TBD.