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Raspberry Pi ready to launch low-cost PCs next month

The Model A will cost £16 and Model B £25

A new low-cost PC manufactured by Raspberry Bi named will soon hit the markets.

The Model A of the company, which will cost £16, has been developed by David Braben, a video game expert. Braben’s aim behind this device is to inspire young people interested in starting a career in technology and who cannot afford a costly PC.

The PC will use have a microchip similar to those present in mobile phones and will run on Linux open source OS.

The Cambridgeshire-based Raspberry PI said the first circuit boards are complete and production is due to start next month.

A team member of the company Liz Upton said once they are happy this test run is fine they’ll be pushing the button immediately on full scale manufacture in more than one factory.

Though the Model A does not have a network connector, a Model B, costing £22, can be connected.

These devices are being tested and if everything goes as planned, the company intends to start production in January 2012.

In a blog post, the Raspberry Pi said if all the boards from this batch perform well in testing, they’ll be auctioning ten of them off; details will be available as soon as they are confident that they’re perfect.”Once we’re happy that this test run is fine, we’ll be pushing the button immediately on full-scale manufacture in more than one factory,” the post added.

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