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Raspberry Pi sees ZX Spectrum emulator port

So far, everyone scrambling to get their hands on the much sought after Raspberry Pi seem to be hoping to use it as a media player. The cheap Linux computer is capable of decoding 1080p video, and its low profile makes it ideal for the living room. Clearly, everyone needs to think a little bigger. One enterprising user has managed to port a ZX Spectrum emulator to the computer for some retrotastic gaming.

Andy Taylor currently volunteers at the UK Computer Museum, an organization that was working on software to run on the Raspberry Pi. After that project was finished, Andy decided to port the ZX Spectrum emulator Fuse to the mini computer. The games he managed to get running include Manic Miner.

It opens up even more possibilities for the Linux computer. It’s only a matter of time before people begin porting other emulators, and although there may be a limit on what it can render, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some classic consoles of old land soon.

That’s if customers can get their hands on a Raspberry Pi, of course. The computer is so popular it sold out within two hours in the UK, and was then hit by manufacturing delays caused by an incorrect ethernet jack. Meanwhile, 2,000 boards are currently waiting to gain CE compliance before they can be be shipped to UK customers.