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Raygun Gadabout platformer on Kickstarter

raygun gadabout puzzle platformer kickstarter linux mac windows games

Raygun Gadabout  is a puzzle platformer now on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since gameplay focuses on exploration. The crowdfunding campaign is 12% funded with a pledge of CA$ 25,000 goal. Which is a relatively reasonable goal. This also includes a Demo, with Linux support.

So there are two main components: Planet side and galactic travel. The goal is to give you the freedom to explore. While doing some platforming, solving puzzles and blasting hostile aliens. Sounds like my typical Tuesday.
Also equipping new abilities as you seek to liberate the galaxy. Working to overcome the the clutches of the Space Gopher Empire. Grab your raygun and board your ship.

Since players will have to use your ship to travel between planets. While exploring exploring the cosmos. Discovering spatial anomalies and derelict ships.

Raygun Gadabout Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac and Windows)


  • Dynamic Combat: Adapt to your enemies, switching between ranged and melee attacks. Defend yourself with your shield and reflect enemy attacks back at them.
  • Discover New Powers: New abilities allow you to explore previously unreachable places. Bring the fight to the toughest foes with equippable perks like improved shield reflect damage, health regeneration, charged shots and many more!
  • Meet the galaxy’s colourful cast of characters: Encounter friendly aliens, cold-blooded space pirates, merciless bounty hunters, and fascist space gophers.

Download the demo (Linux Mac and Windows)

The demo plays pretty well on Linux. But if the game hangs, which it could. Checkout the Windows build via Wine.
The menu system for Video hung for me and had to restart the game. Hence a Unity 3D creation in it’s early form.

The combat is built around shooting and melee. So you need to switch up your tactics depending on what enemy you are fighting. You have unique abilities to help you deal with the lasers, deadly raptorial limbs, gnashing teeth, and toxic bile blobs that the galaxy’s denizens will hurl your way.

Shielding is a great way to stay alive. What’s the fun in cowering behind cover when you can jump into the fray. Reflecting enemy projectiles back in their ugly faces. A handy feature.


Exploration Platformer on Kickstarter:

Raygun Gadabout has 25 days to go for the crowdfunding campaign. So check out the Kickstarter. Since the platformer is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows in August 2019.

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