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Rayless Blade offers hope for a port via funding

rayless blade pixel art rpg game offers hope for linux via funding with windows pc

Rayless Blade pixel art RPG game offers hope for a port via funding for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the work and tireless effort of developer Kong Studio. Now available for funding in the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Rayless Blade is an open world, pixel art RPG. Offering up a JRPG style turn combat AND UNDERTALE style combat. While roaming the massive hi-bit pixel art world inspired by Hyper Light Drifter. Where you’ll make friends, and enemies, and have to solve puzzles. As well as defeat difficult enemies in order to progress. Already 37% funding with a pledge goal of $15,000 USD by August 1st, 2022.

As for Linux support, here’s what we know.

The game will indeed have a linux port if we receive enough funding on Kickstarter.

So, yeah, it’s like that. Rayless Blade is being developed in GameMaker Studio 2. Which typically works well on Ubuntu by default. Although various other distro’s seem work as well, POP OS being the more obvious. All kidding aside, this is a further update from our original post, you know, now that the Kickstarter is live.

Rayless Blade Kickstarter Trailer

In Rayless Blade won’t have to conquer alone. Since you’ll encounter many individuals you can recruit to your team to help you fight and explore. You’ll also be able to recruit up to 3 members. And as a result, each individual will belong to a certain class type. Such as, Dark Knight, Magic Knight, Strider, Engineer, Dragon Slayer, and Rebounder. So assembling your team is strategic in nature. As you progress in the game, you will discover hidden and randomized loot. All by solving puzzles, searching obscured areas, and defeating enemies. Every team member can be customized. Use the loot you’ve earned to upgrade your team in terms of their gear.

Customize your own character as well. Swap armor pieces, use your favorite weapons, and earn experience. Due to spec points into your skill tree to use special abilities.

Rayless Blade also has a story to follow. You are stuck on a remote island under the rule of a vengeful tyrant. Who is also a puppet to a greater power. You’ll meet lovable, charming characters along the way. Many of which will oppose you initially or turn against you as a result of your actions.

The premise of Rayless Blade’s plot is a spin off of the quantum mechanics theorem. That is Superdeterminism, due to question the existence and meaning of God / the meaning of life. Where free will does not exist for the inhabitants of the island. It is up to you and your team to try their best to liberate the people and defeat the malicious creature that rules them.

Rayless Blade is pixel art RPG game already gaining success via the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Due to make its way onto Windows PC via Steam. And with enough support, Linux too. The choice is yours.

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