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Realpolitiks II due to get a day one release

realpolitiks II due to get a day one release in linux gaming with windows pc

Realpolitiks II due to get a day one release in Linux gaming with Windows PC. According to 1C Entertainment and developer Jujubee. Due to arrive via Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

The release date for real time grand strategy, Realpolitiks II, is coming November 18, 2020. Making its way into Early Access on Windows PC. Reaching out to the developer, it looks like Linux gaming will get support on day one.

Our plan is to release the Linux version on November 18th, when the game launches in Early Access.

Due to the tests the whole industry is facing from the pandemic. The limits related to working remotely. And also the overwhelming feedback from the community. Realpolitiks II will be releasing a few days later than initially planned. While being moved to Early Access in order to involve the players. With the chance to have a big influence on the games further development.

The game is due to get a day one release on Linux. Thanks to the Unity 3D game engine. This also offers Linux gamers a chance to join in Early Access development. Until the full release arrives in Q1 2021.

Realpolitiks II will launch in Early Access with all planned content. Featuring 208 modern countries to choose from. Plus 2 scenario campaigns, many fully functional new features and mechanics. Such as the new combat system and intelligence mechanics. And not to mention the highly anticipated modding tool. Since this lets players create their own content. As well as altering the game to their liking.

Realpolitiks II – Early Access Trailer

Experience classic grand strategy set in modern times in Realpolitiks II where you lead any contemporary nation in an attempt to secure world dominance. The road to supremacy is filled with modern world issues as you manage your nation’s economy, command armies, conduct diplomatic and espionage actions, and tackle global threats such as terrorism, pandemics, famine, and more.

Realpolitiks II expands its gameplay venture. While coming with new features, tools and strategies. So that players can use to achieve their goals. Intelligence mechanics have been enhanced with the addition of spy units. These can also play a key role in knowing what your opponents are up too. Plus a redesigned combat system that provides even more options. Since this allows you to plan your military actions. Including an advanced management system and then some.

Realpolitiks II also features a Modding tool for the first time. So you can have full freedom to design new campaigns. Not to mention scenarios, units, and even new nations. Letting you shape the project trees as you see fit. Or if players choose, modify the starting limits of each country. For example, the exotic country of Nauru can be the most powerful nation.


  • Dominate the Globe – Choose from 208 modern nations (including Sealand & Kiribati). As you work to conquer your opponents and adapt your strategy accordingly. Whether you start as a superpower or a small independent nation.
  • New Modern Warfare – A brand new combat system enables full control of your units on the battlefield. While taking into account strategic advantages. Such as the weather, terrain, and equipment.
  • Expanded Management System – Create a communist utopia, a completely free market nation. In Realpolitiks II you can be a tyrant watching your citizens’ every step. With over 700 projects and technologies to choose from. Gameplay lets the players decide their path to greatness.
  • Improved Diplomacy – Engage in advanced talks to establish new trade routes. Or maybe military access to closer regions. With a completely reworked AI and new Favor and Investment systems. These allow you to influence other countries. Making diplomacy a crucial tool once again. Since other leaders will prove to make talks even harder.

Influence, Modding and Stealing Tech

  • Advanced Espionage – Conduct secret actions with your spies. Steal advanced tech to further increase your military power. So you can invent new ways of mass ruin. Or dominate your foes from the shadows.
  • New and Unpredictable Events – Over 1000 new events ranging from minor provincial issues to an ominous meteor strike. Be wary of the ever changing world. Each time you play will be completely different.
  • Growth By Infrastructure – Buildings are a major part of your Realpolitiks II campaign. Since they enable you to recruit more units. Allowing you to train your spies and generals faster. Defend against rocket attacks or increase the supply range to your armies.
  • Mod Support – Use a range of in-game tools to create your very own campaigns. As well as campaigns, units, and nations.

Realpolitiks II is due to get a day one release in Linux gaming with Windows PC. Priced at $29.99 USD / 24.99 EUR with the full launch planned for early 2021. Coming via Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

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