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Realpolitiks II simulation due to receive support

realpolitiks ii simulation game due to receive support for linux and windows pc

Realpolitiks II political simulation game is due to receive support for Linux along with Windows PC. Thanks to a recent reply from developer Jujubee. Which is coming to both Humble Store and Steam.

It’s time for a second term! 1C Entertainment and developer Jujubee are pleased to announce Realpolitiks II. Also the sequel to the acclaimed real time grand strategy game. Realpolitiks II is due to launch this Fall on Windows PC. We reached out for details on Linux support.

The engine used is Unity and regarding the Linux support, there are plans for it.

Sadly there is no further information for Linux support. Realpolitiks II simulation is still in development. So there is no ETA on the Linux build. And judging by the reply and the current product page. I would assume that Linux support may be coming post release. But at least we have some sort of confirmation.

Suit up and choose from 216 contemporary nations to begin expanding your empire. Use modern political instruments such as diplomacy. You can also use military power, or espionage. What it takes to secure world dominance.

Realpolitiks II introduces a set of new tools compared to its predecessor. So this allows players to take advantage of a whole new economic system. While working to gain deeper control of your country. Allowing you to construct new buildings and dictate trading policy. Then use your advisors’ special abilities. Which means you can further improve or hinder the life of your citizens.

Realpolitiks II – Announcement Trailer

With a completely new combat system. This also gives you full control over every battlefield. In Realpolitiks II you’ll have to plan your strategy carefully. While using weather, terrain, unit formation, and equipment. Diplomacy and espionage have been revitalized with a whole new setup. Including both diplomatic and spy actions. Such as non-aggression and defensive pacts. As well as military access, trade agreements, and more to use to your full advantage.

Realpolitiks II also features a Modding tool for the first time. Allowing you to create your very own simulation campaigns, scenarios, units, and nations.


  • Dominate the Globe – Choose from 216 contemporary nations. Including Sealand & Kiribati and conquer your opponents. Adapt your strategy, whether you are a superpower or a small independent nation.
  • New Modern Warfare – A brand-new combat system in Realpolitiks II. This enables full control of your units on the battlefield. While taking into account strategic advantages. Such as the weather, terrain, equipment, and a whole lot more.
  • Expanded Management System – Create a communist utopia, a completely free market nation, or become a tyrant overseeing your citizens’ every step. With over 1000 projects and technologies to choose from. You decide the path to greatness.
  • Improved Diplomacy – Engage in advanced agreement to establish new trade routes or military access to neighboring regions. With a completely reworked AI, and new Favor and Investment systems. This allows you to influence other countries. So that diplomacy becomes a crucial tool once again. Especially as other leaders will prove hard negotiators.
  • Advanced Espionage – Conduct secret actions with your spies. Steal breakthrough technologies to further increase your military power. And invent new ways of mass destruction. In Realpolitiks II you can dominate your foes from the shadows.

New Events and Infrastructure:

  • New and Unpredictable Events – Over 1000 new events ranging from minor provincial issues to a world threatening meteor strike. Be wary of the ever changing world as each playthrough will be completely different.
  • Growth By Infrastructure – Buildings are a major part of your campaign. Since they enable you to recruit more units, train your spies and generals faster. Allowing you to defend against rocket attacks. Or increase the supply range to your armies.
  • Mod Support – Use a plethora of in-game tools to create your very own campaigns, scenarios, units, and nations.

Realpolitiks II political simulation game is coming this Fall. Due to release on both Humble Store and Steam. And coming to Linux and Windows PC.

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