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Rebel Yell a Free survival mode live on Steam

rebel yell a free survival mode live for rebel cops on linux mac windows pc steam

Rebel Yell is a Free survival mode for Rebel Cops now live on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to THQ Nordic and developer Weappy Studio. This new update is available only on Steam. Or if you bought the base game on Humble Store.

Since you already know about the ruthless crime lord controlling Ripton. Who also has all the officials on his payroll. While businessmen are at his mercy. Even the local police have surrendered to his will. And likewise, any opposition gets smashed to pieces. Well, not quite all, exactly. Rebel Yell levels up the challenge in survival mode. Since you are part of a small rag-tag squad of true policemen. Those who still believe in the words “to serve and protect”. Fighting against all odds to serve justice and to protect the citizens.

To add to the adventure. The new “Rebel Yell” survival mode releases for Rebel Cops. This also levels up the tactical stealth game even further.

Rebel Cops – Release Trailer

Take four cops with random perks and skills. Hold out for as long as you can against endless waves of scum and vermin. You’ll start out with trusty knives.
So, everything else you’ll have to scavenge from the battlefield. But that’s not gonna stop you, right?
Rebel Yell mode is available on Steam via a free update. And will be coming to other platforms (GOG) later this October.

  • Now you can turn infinite saves with the Rebel Yell update. Right from the menu on any difficulty
  • Now, when you finish the game, you automatically get achievements for beating it on lower difficulties
  • Other small fixes and tweaks

But beware: every step you take is a risk. Rebel Cops is an unforgiving game. So every bullet can end a cops life, even moreso in Rebel Yell. There are no hit points, even if your trooper is just hit in the foot, he can bleed out. Therefore, make sure to guide them safely through each encounter. The more experience they get, the more skilled they become.

Rebel Cops will is available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. If you don’t own the game, check it out on Humble Store and Steam. Check out the Rebel Yell free survival mode. The games priced at $8.99 USD, including the 10% discount until October 1st. Offering up 15 hours of challenging gameplay.