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Rebellion Corporation due to save the ARK

rebellion corporation tower defense rts game has sights on linux and Mac with a windows pc demo

Rebellion Corporation tower defense RTS game has sights on Linux and Mac with a Windows PC Demo. OO Games has surpassed expectations with their unwavering effort, resulting in a shocking success. Due to make its way onto Steam this summer.

OO Games, an indie team of creators, are working to drop their new project Rebellion Corporation. You can get a taste of this epic adventure on Steam, due to officially launch around August 2023.

So, what’s Rebellion Corporation about? Picture this – you’re put on a planet chock full of robots. Your mission? Mine resources to survive and find a way to escape while defending yourself from these metal threats. But there’s more.

Yes, it’s not a problem for me to make Linux and Mac builds, especially if game sales buy me time to make games.
The engine is using Unity.

Exciting news awaits as Rebellion Corporation developer is actively engaged in native support. However, due to factors such as priority conflicts and time limits, a day one release remains uncertain. Nevertheless, efforts are being directed toward bringing Linux support in the near future.

But that’s not all. There’s a crazy backstory in Rebellion Corporation. As a part of a massive space recovery, an AI glitch causes a massive disaster, looming human survival. The only way out? Quick escape from these planets that had been redesigned to support human life, or “terraformed.” These escape vessels, Ark’s, were rushed out, not fully ready for the long haul.

Rebellion Corporation Trailer 2

Now, imagine yourself in space, on an Ark, lacking basic survival needs. The only way to keep going is by mining resources from the robot run planet below and maintaining your Ark’s systems. Your Ark’s fate is totally on your shoulders. From the Ark, you can set up bases, install different modules, and recruit crew members. All using the rewards you earn from completing tasks in Rebellion Corporation.

This new tower defense RTS experience offers a range of building modules that have various purposes. Such as collecting, storing, and combat. Elite crew members with unique abilities will have your back in your journey. You’ll find various turret modules that are your lifelines, always defending your base, even when you’re away. As the story continues, you’ll find how different groups are coping with the crisis facing humankind.

The beauty of Rebellion Corporation is the control you have. You decide the pace and extent of your resource collection. A smart robot handles the heavy lifting, freeing you up while saving you time and resources. But watch out! If you take too long to hit your mining targets or get too greedy, your base could be in danger. Don’t sweat it too much, though, your turrets are always guarding your base. And they do so on auto.

There’s also a sneak peek of Rebellion Corporation tower defense RTS that you can play today. This demo lets you play the first out of four total planets. Its also playable on Linux via Proton. Your progress in the demo save will carry over to the full version of Rebellion Corporation, once it’s out.

To sum it up, here are the features:

  • Units with unique stories and skills.
  • An intense story of various groups dealing with a major crisis.
  • Different bases for each planet.
  • Building modules for resource gathering, storage, combat, and special functions.
  • Multiple universes featuring planets with diverse settings.
  • An Ark, where you can install bases and modules and recruit crew members. All using the rewards earned from missions.

Ready to take on the Demo of this tower defense RTS? Rebellion Corporation is available to test on Steam. So get ready for the release in August 2023. Due to making its way onto Linux and Mac with Windows PC.

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