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Receiver 2 gets a huge compound update

receiver 2 gets a huge compound update with shooting range for linux gaming mac windows pc

Receiver 2 gets a huge compound update with a shooting range for Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing efforts of developer Wolfire Games. This will be available via both Steam and Humble Store.

If you are an avid player of Receiver 2 you can experience a huge update for their game. Since it contains a full featured compound area for players to explore. The shooting range room also gives players the chance to test the realistic guns in the game. Which lets you feel as if you are at a live firing range. Each shot can be easily tracked on convenient monitors. So you can adjust the distance of the targets. The challenge dome offers players new and exciting trials. These will certainly put all of your firearm operation skills to the test. Receiver 2 players can try to shoot all the targets in the fastest time. Even dismantle enemies from the main game at lightning speeds, or go bowling.

The two main rooms are only a small part of everything in the compound update. There is a plethora of additional rooms, puzzles, lore, secrets, and easter eggs to find. While a hidden arcade cabinet gives players access to Receiver Classic. Which is an alternate mode that reimagines the first Receiver game within Receiver 2.

Receiver 2 Compound Update: Shooting Range and Challenges

Players are now also able to unlock alternate skins in Receiver 2. These are available for some of the firearms. Simply by completing the various challenges in the compound. Awarding the most skillful receivers with a cosmetic change. As a result, you can bring these skins with you in the main game.

When asked about the compound update, lead designer Max Danielsson has this to say: “What excites me the most about this update is that it’s doubling the content of the game. Without being paid for content. It’s something we’re just giving away to everyone who already bought the game. And within that, it gives Receiver 2 players a space to just be in, and relax. In contrast to the oppressive and unsafe feeling of The Dreaming, in the Compound. Players can explore and do things at their own pace, without feeling The Threat reaching in. My favorite feature must be the challenge dome, and the accompanying projector screen in the room. The imposing feel and gameplay of it feels really good and was a lot of fun to work on.”

The Receiver 2 compound update and shooting range are available now. So if you own the game via Steam and Humble Store, you are good to go. Coming in with a price of only $19.99 USD. Along with continuing support in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC.

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