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Receiver 2 gun simulator coming in 2020

receiver 2 gun simulator coming in 2020 for linux mac windows pc

Receiver 2 atmospheric gun simulator coming in 2020 on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of Wolfire Games. Who just announced a sequel trailer for the games. Due to release on Steam. So be sure to Wishlist.

If you do not remember Wolfire Games. They are the creators of Overgrowth. Not to mention the original Humble Bundle. Now also announcing a sequel, Receiver 2. Thanks to their first fun cult classic first person shooter Receiver. Instead of pressing R to “reload”, pressing R will “rack the slide”. Since this usually just ejects chambered rounds on the floor. Defending against the deadly automated turrets and flying shock drones. The player also has to figure out how to load each sidearm. Doing so exactly how they would in real life.

Receiver 2 will launch with eight different sidearms. These are also listed below. While the original Receiver has straight forward yet effective graphics. And likewise, the game simulated the major moving parts of each gun. Where the new game simulates every single internal mechanism. All the way down to each spring and screw.

Receiver 2 Reveal Trailer

List of sidearms includes:

  • Beretta 92FS
  • Colt Detective
  • A Colt Government 1911
  • Plus a Colt Single Action Army
  • Desert Eagle .50
  • Glock 17 with auto mod
  • S&W Model 10
  • Sig Sauer p226 mk25

When asked if he has any second thoughts about Receiver 2. Since gameplay literally trains gamers to use guns. He replied, “For every person killed by a mass shooter in the USA. There are hundreds of suicides and thousands of accidents. Training people to use sidearms correctly is also training them not to use sidearms incorrectly. The in-game tapes teach that this deprives the Threat of one of its most powerful tools for the coming Mindkill. And that a truly Awakened Receiver would never, ever raise a weapon in anger.”

To learn more about the gun simulator Receiver 2. You can go to the official website and sign up for the newsletter. Plus you can also join the Discord.
So be sure to add the game to your Steam Wishlist. Since it is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC after all. Due to release in 2020. No actual release date is specified.

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