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RECOG base building strategy sim hits Steam

recog base building strategy sim hits steam for linux mac windows

RECOG The First Wave is a new real-time strategy game for Linux, Mac and Windows. And it’s also NOT in Early Access.
The game comes with with procedural mapping and a lot of firepower too.

So, using the concept of recipes, players will gather the required elements. Then process them to build industrial complexes and armies. All while working to defend against the incoming enemy waves. Sounds epic, right?

Players will have to take on a few hours of exciting and challenging gameplay. Since the tactics a player uses to advance in the game, directly affects the strength and intelligence of the enemies to come.

So what’s magical about the gameplay, the fully automated AI allows the player to focus on their approaches. While taking command and controlling exactly how the industry is built as well as how it is defended.

RECOG The First Wave : Official Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

As deep space mission control auxiliary, you are in charge of the implementation and management process of the RECOG project. With a care package from Earth, you are to build an industrial complex, defending the terrain from the enemy RECOG‘s. Dig deep in the landscape to uncover precious minerals and oids in order to create your stronghold. Be conscious in your decisions and prioritize the construction wisely. For the more advanced you become, the enemy RECOG‘s will mimic and react accordingly, focused on destroying what you are working so hard to create.

In RECOG The First Wave, no two games are ever the same. The enemy AI that continually adapts to a player’s style, encourages them to adapt their own strategy to the enemy’s playing style. This is known as the RECOG effect

Base Building Strategy:

Over 500 industrial recipes to create the immense quantity of pieces. So you can create an epic industrial complex. Build high above the terrain, alongside rock walls or down to the core for unlimited lava resources. Design your industrial wonders beyond imagination. While avoiding catastrophic disasters.

Time to level up your gameplay?

Create fortified structures to withstand the onslaught. While you pummel the enemy using weapons of mass destruction.

RECOG is a true base building strategy sim for Linux, Mac and Windows. And yes, as mentioned, this is a full release on Steam priced at $24.99 USD, plus a 10% discount until June 22nd.

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