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Recursed puzzle platformer releases on Steam

recursed puzzle platformer on linux mac pc

Recursed is a 2D puzzleplatformer game that just #released on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. A #game where the structure of the world can be #twisted. Stack up boxes and use keys to unlock doors to get the crystal at the end of each level. Jump into chests to enter other rooms, or pick up the chests and move the rooms around. Duplicate, destroy or alter the structure of the level to solve the puzzles.

Recursed is outlined as a complicated logic puzzle game. Where players do things like moving rooms inside themselves to break the nature of reality. It might sound simple, but it isn’t.

Recursed Features

  • Over 60 levels with hundreds of rooms.
  • Hidden bonus puzzles.
  • An extensive, atmospheric soundtrack.
  • Large amounts of acid.
  • Several sound effects.

There’s no way to die, no enemies to fight and no holes to fall in or spikes to hit. The only tool you need is logic.

This is definitely a bizarre reality-bending puzzle platformer where simple space and position are examined. Developer Portponky worked on the project from February – eptember 2016. Having developed Recursed in C++ with SFML and Lua.

Get into Recursed now, available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


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