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Red Eclipse 2 is open source FPS gameplay

red eclipse 2 is open source fps gameplay for linux mac windows pc

Red Eclipse 2 is a true open source FPS gameplay for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Quinton Reeves and Lee Salzman. Available Free to Play on Steam and the official website. And the reviews are 81% Positive.

Red Eclipse 2 is now available on Steam. Which builds on its own legacy of fast-paced unique and impactful gameplay. While mixing that with the visuals of the modern Tesseract engine. All to deliver a game that redefines first person shooter is. And doing so for free.

The Tesseract engine is actually written by one of the developers, Lee Salzman. Doing so in a true open source “by the people, for the people” nature. Since the developers try to work closely with the community. Inviting everyone to have their say to provide a better overall Red Eclipse 2 experience. By doing so, this creates a better game environment. While actually having a fun and easy to play game.

Red Eclipse 2 Playtest

There is absolutely no money whatsoever behind the game. So all of the assets and source code are freely available. Which means anyone can copy, modify, and redistribute. Since all of Red Eclipse 2 is built on the contributions of volunteers. Right from the engine (which does not trace its heritage to any commercial studio). All the way up to the assets, levels, and modes. Even the user interface and maps. So there is no income from selling skins or lootboxes, etc. The servers and infrastructure are also run and maintained by volunteers.


  • A modern, completely free first person shooter. No fees, no microtransactions, no lootboxes.
  • Fast paced, modern first person shooter action with seven unique main weapons.
  • Built on the permissively licensed, open source Tesseract engine.
  • Red Eclipse 2 us available for Linux,BSD, Mac and Windows PC.
  • Parkour, impulse boosts, dashing, and other tricks.
  • A huge amount of mutators and game altering variables.
  • Create maps with other players in realtime co-op edit.
  • Over ten years of active development, and still going!

Red Eclipse 2 open source FPS is available Free to Play on Steam and the official website. With builds for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on Steam.

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