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Red Entity a free shooter for Linux, Mac and Windows

Red Entity a free shooter for Linux Mac and Windows

Red Entity is a game about a bunny girl, her giant mech and a couple thousand baddies out to get them and yet it makes sense. Truth be said, this is all about #shooting everything that comes your way, dodging stuff and #surviving long enough to make it to the next wave.

Red Entity a free shooter for Linux Mac and Windows screenshot

It’s quite obviously a brilliantly frantic, 2D, side-scrolling shooter in which you get to run and jump and kill stuff and avoid all sorts of projectiles and, occasionally, call in your mech friend to deal massive damage to anything remotely threatening. Survive five increasingly demanding waves of this and you’ll unlock a longer, tougher mode that will allow you to further hone your shooting, melee-ing abilities while murdering over a thousand enemy sprites.

And then, the game will be over.

Red Entity, you see, is a short, but lovely offering. It’s polished, finely balanced and looks like an EGA-era masterpiece. The fact that it was made in under 72 hours makes it all the more impressive and, frankly, that’s all there is to say about it. It’s pure arcade fun and you can download it for Linux, Mac and Windows PC either on or via the Ludum Dare forums.

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