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Red Orchestra 2 could be coming to Linux

Not necessarily old news or new news, yet the idea of Red Orchestra 2 coming to Linux sounds like a grand idea.
Ryan “Icculus” Gordon and John Gibson (President/Co-Owner, Tripwire Interactive) have been sharing just such an idea on Twitter.

(Click the image to see the Twitter post)

Ryan Gordon comes from a long history of porting games to Linux. The more recent being Dungeon DefendersKilling Floor, and Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45. Not to mention efforts taken to port Unreal Engine 3.
So it is no surprise to see bigger titles taking notice to fan comments on Twitter. Let alone the vast community of Linux gamers and supporters posting comments on various Kickstarter campaigns to influence developers.

Personally, I have played Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 and it works well. Yet I would be rather keen to seeing Red Orchestra 2 come to Linux.
The time has come where game companies are starting to pay closer attention to the Linux community and build/port games natively.

To everyone who has commented on posted and influenced change, Thank You.

Todd B..
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