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Red Plains Update more free content for Resolutiion

red plains update more free content for resolutiion on linux mac windows pc

Red Plains Update will add more free content for Resolutiion on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Monolith of Minds. Who certainly keep leveling up gameplay on Steam and GOG again.

The Infnite Empire is back! Monolith of Minds are announcing further details for Resolutiion. Since the fast paced action adventure released in May, will be getting new free content “very soon”. Hence the Red Plains Update which will hit the game in the near future. A first teaser trailer is now available.

Resolutiion – Red Plains Teaser

Ascend into the Red Plains Update, where memories drift through fractured skies. So the final journey of Valor and Alibii is nigh. But it will not end well for either. Also, don’t mind the dead astronauts along the way. They’re from the future.

Resolutiion’s first update features a new combat heavy biome. While expanding the lead-up to the finale. There are even new enemies, friends, and a mysterious host in the Red Plains Update. Who will guide you through the Queen’s Gauntlet right into the Singularity.

Features of the Update:

  • New enemies: v4l0r, VLR, //|_=|>, and their Sequels
  • Various mini-bosses receive new attacks and abilities
  • A new area to explore
  • New otherworldly metal-tracks
  • The secret Not-So-Cow Level
  • Spanish Translation
  • Polychromatic: We’ll unlock so far hidden pages in the offical Artbook
  • Plenty of Bug fixes and Improvements

Resolutiion is a fast paced action adventure. The game is created by two angry German brothers. Leading a band of vagrants who loaded it with lovely pixels, dirty jokes, and deep ideas. Also badassemotional tunes for 20 hours of punishing combat. Red Plains Update brings more rewarding exploration and layered storytelling. Will you be the player or will you be played? In the Infinite Empire nothing is as it seems.

Explore a fractured future, gathering weird weapons and stories. So you can piece together the past: a friend betrayed, a family broken, worlds at war.

Resolutiion is out now on Steam and GOG. Priced at $19.99 USD. While the Red Plains Update is due to release “Very soon”. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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