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Reddit post claims Half-Life 3 release scheduled for late 2017 to early 2018


The official word from #Valve regarding “Half-Life 3” was previously reported that the company may no longer be in #development. A post on Reddit coming from someone claiming to be an ex-Valve #employee, alleges the title might be released sometime between Q4 2017 and early 2018. Claiming that Valve is merely waiting for all the hype to subside before continuing with game development.

According to the alleged former employee’s post, “Half-Life 3” has been pushed back due to Valve investing time into the next “Left 4 Dead” game.
However, the Reddit goes on to explain “Half-Life 3” is no longer in active development and that no build of the game has been released for testing.

“Half-Life 2” released back in 2004 with the final instalment, “Episode Two,” laucnhing three years later. Since that point, there have been no official release details for the “Half-Life” franchise or confirmation that “Half-Life 3” will have a launch. As pointed out in our previous posts, Valve has no plan to shift resources to develop the game, have already locked down profits from Steam and other IP’s such as “Team Fortress 2.”

Meaning, whatever has been developed could have been scrapped in favour of another project,  shifted resources to focus on “Left 4 Dead 3” running on Source 2 engine. Either way “Half-Life 3” remains in development limbo and unfinished, which could be continued later.

As pointed out by Latinos Post, no verifiable evidence supports the Reddit post that claims to have worked for Valve. Let alone the development status of either “Left 4 Dead 3” or “Half-Life 3,” meaning any information should be taken as a mere rumour until further clarification has been announced by Valve.


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