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Regency Solitaire II is a charming sequel

regency solitaire ii builds a glorious garden in this charming charming card game via steam deck and linux with windows pc

Regency Solitaire II builds a glorious garden in this charming card game via Steam Deck and Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to the incredible team at Grey Alien Games for their amazing work. Available on both Steam and itch with 100% Positive reviews.

Grey Alien just rolled out Regency Solitaire II on Steam and Itch for all. If you remember their first title, Regency Solitaire, it turned heads and even made it to PC Gamer’s Top 100 PC titles. Well, they’re back with a sequel that’s already playable on Steam Deck.

It also runs fine on Steam Deck which of course runs Proton.

Regency Solitaire II is crafted in BlitzMax just like the previous title and normally runs on DirectX 9. But, a simple tweak in the ini file switches it to OpenGL mode. Though the developer can’t personally support or test it on Linux, it works great via Proton. So, Steam Deck players are free to dive in too.

Regency Solitaire II isn’t just your average card title. It’s a journey back to romantic Regency Britain where you’re not just playing cards – you’re part of a story. All while you build a glorious garden, explore historic locations, deal with gossip, and throw the season’s biggest party. It’s like stepping into a novel!

Regency Solitaire II – Story Trailer

And for those who like extras, the collector’s edition is a treat. It’s packed with bonus levels and an additional love story that unlocks after you finish the main storyline. While adding a whole new layer to the experience.

So, what’s in store for players? Smooth and engaging gameplay, for starters. You get to transform Bella’s garden and outfit, diving deep into a beautifully crafted world. The Regency Solitaire II art and storyline are impressive. With 160 unique levels across 18 chapters and an extra 66 bonus levels, there’s a ton to explore. Plus, you’ve got gameplay upgrades to unlock, and choices between Normal and Hard modes to suit your style.

The music deserves a special shout-out. It’s a specially composed classical soundtrack that perfectly fits the Regency Solitaire II vibe. And let’s not forget that extra Regency romance story.

As someone who’s seen a lot of titles come and go, I’m genuinely excited about this release. It’s not just for solitaire fans or Regency romance fans – it’s a well-crafted experience that’s worth checking out.

More details are available on both Steam and itch (with a Steam key). The price tag is $13.49 USD / £11.51 / 13,31€ with a 10% discount during launch week. Along with Proton support via Steam Deck and Linux with Windows PC.