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Regions of Ruin launches via Steam games

regions of ruin 2d side-scrolling rpg launches via steam games games for linux mac windows

Regions of Ruin officially launches for Linux, Mac and Windows. After the games four months in Steam Early Access, we finally have a full release. This also includes a launch week discount on both Steam and Humble Store.

During the Early Access period. And since the game arrived on Steam in October. The Vox team churned out 16 weekly updates and multiple hotfixes. Among the highlights of these updates were 175 new areas. Also numerous new mobs, bosses, items, buildings, and more. The game now features controller support, achievements and trading cards. And even a clicker mini-game. In the post-launch period, the game will continue to see further updates. While beginning work on localisations and other long-term goals.

Financed by Humble Bundle, Regions of Ruin is a 2D pixel side-scrolling RPG with town-building. Where players explore, fight and build into an open world. One that progressively challenges the player and settlement. While threatening the extinction of the dwarven race.

Regions of Ruin launches (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Regions of Ruin takes the player on a journey through an epic storyline, where the fall of the dwarven empire is revealed and you must rebuild your settlement from nothing but a simple campfire. Through loot, gear, and skills, you must strengthen your hero to take down challenging bosses, uncover the past, and rescue your enslaved dwarven brethren.

Will you restore your people to their former glory? Or join your forefathers in the dust-covered pages of history?

Steam and Humble Games:

Regions of Ruin launches at $11.99 USD. This also includes a permanent price drop put in place to celebrate the release. Also making the game more accessible to as many fans as possible. The games also coming with a 20% discount until February 12. Bringing the price down to $9.59 USD for Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam and Humble Store.

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