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Regulator City roguelike has a native Demo

regulator city top down roguelike shooter game announced with a demo for linux and windows pc

Regulator City top down roguelike shooter game announced with a Demo for Linux and Windows PC. This is once again due to the ongoing creativity of Orangepixel. Which is available to try out on Steam.

Regulator City is a top-down roguelike from Orangepixel, the creator of addictive games. But this time you do not play as a single character, but you have an AI-controlled team supporting your every move. You also lead the way, but the player can hang back as the team takes out the various bad elements in the city.

Orangepixel has been digging into game development and the YouTube channel. All while working on games, now with a Linux Demo for everyone to play.

Regulator City is an actual game

An Asteroid crashed in Regulator City, and an Alien substance called the Ooze starts seeping out of it. This quickly turns into a drug mutating who-ever Oozes up on it. Gangs around the city have been using it to become stronger and more dangerous. While the scientists make a safe version to level the playing field. Doing so by giving you super abilities.

In Regulator City, completing missions will allow you to select new buildings for future missions. The type of building is important! Build a hospital and you might gain 2 HP on your next mission. Or select an industrial building and unlock new weapon tech.

Of course, in this top-down shooter you are not alone. You are backed up by a team of trigger happy experts. They will help you out by taking down enemies, breaching doors, and gathering intel. They will also go on destroying stuff. You can also use them as your main weapon.

Regulator City top down roguelike shooter game is still the main project for Orangepixel. Having recently found funding that will allow development to continue until it’s perfect. Due to make its way onto both Linux and Windows PC. So be sure to try the Demo and be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. The demo is also available on itch, if you prefer. The launch date is still TBD.

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