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Reign of Blood launches in THREE KINGDOMS

reign of blood launches in three kingdoms on linux mac pc games

Reign of Blood launches in Total War: THREE KINGDOMS for Linux and Mac in Steam games. Thanks to the work of Feral Interactive and Creative Assembly. Plus we also have Modding support in the game.

Since Reign of Blood is now live on Linux and Mac. China will run thick with the blood of your enemies. The new pack adds some brutal features in your battles.

The Reign of Blood Effects Pack introduces new gore. While including mature rated effects and animations. And also kill moves to the game. Available in both Campaign and Battle. So you can witness limb lops and beheadings. Including charred corpses, all in sadistic detail.

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Reign of Blood Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

THREE KINGDOMS plunges players into the epic power struggle within a Reign of Blood. Doing so between the warlords of 2nd Century China. Amid the collapse of the great Han Dynasty. The player takes centre stage as a legendary leader. You are also tasked with establishing a mighty empire. And of course unifying the nation.

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS offers players a first look at the turbulent age. And a host of new period inspired tools to employ. Aside form the Reign of Blood carnage. You will also use enhanced diplomacy. Experience a deeper levels of character interaction than ever before. While taking keen opportunities for espionage.

THREE KINGDOMS marks a major step forward for the Total War saga. With over 25 million Total War games sold to date. And over 1.2 million active monthly players. Total War: THREE KINGDOMS launches at the pinnacle of the series’ popularity. Developer Creative Assembly is now one of the largest studios in Europe. And they continue to grow. Including multiple new titles under development.


With Reign of Blood we also have modding support. So now you can explore Steam Workshop. This gives Total War: THREE KINGDOMS even more content. Since there are a few of the great new mods. Those you can download right now. Check out the post here.

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Purchased via Steam or from Humble Store.

The Reign of Blood Effects Pack is priced at $2.99 USD, £1.99, €2.99. Available on both Steam and Humble Store. Once downloaded, gore effects can be enabled. So check in the Advanced Graphics Settings of Total War: Three Kingdoms.
Also, make sure to restart Steam for Linux after the update. Otherwise the game will not launch.

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