Release date confirmed in The Nightmare Cooperative trailer

The Nightmare Cooperative has been given its first trailer by #developer Lucky Frame.

The video confirms a release date for the upcoming roguelike-strategy title, which is set to launch July 16 on #Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.

The game invites players to join the ‘Cooperative’, which was initiated by the Village Council.

The movement’s primary goal is to help raise funds to pay for the interest on the loans that were taken out to build the monuments to previous ‘Cooperative’ members.

“While it’s true that not many return from their fundraising journey, we have reason to believe that not everyone who fails to come back is technically dead,” reads the game’s official description.

“Perhaps you could form an uneasy alliance, bound together by fear and a desperate desire to return home with bags and bags of beautiful gold for the Village Council which takes such good care of your loved ones. It’s just an idea.”

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