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Release Date for Divinity: Original Sin Announced

Release Date for Divinity: Original Sin Announced

Larian Studios’ recent successful Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming fantasy role playing game, Divinity: Original Sin has finally received a release date. Well, a release month at least. The game is set to release in February of 2014 on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Divinity: Original Sin acts as a prequel to the last Kickstarter-funded Larian studios project, Divine Divinity.

The campaign goal was initially set at $400,000, which would allow Larian Studios to both expand upon everything that they had already planned for the game, and increase awareness of the series. When the final numbers were tallied up, Divinity: Original Sin grossed as total of $944,282 from Kickstarter, which not only fully funded the game, but allowed Larian Sutdios to reach and incorporate all of their stretch goals as well.

Divinity: Orignial Sin will bring an entirely new story to the Divinity universe, and will feature a whole host of new game play styles and new abilities. Larian Studios placed a focus on ensuring that this game would be more than just a rehash of Divine Divinity. They are gamers and fans as well, and as a result they know what we want to play.

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