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Relic Hunters Legend coming Alpha support

relic hunters legend coming alpha support in linux windows pc games

Relic Hunters Legend has an Alpha support release coming to Steam in Linux and Windows PC games. Thanks to developer Rogue Snail. Since the games Alpha is already available to backers. There is a player shortage.

Relic Hunters Legend ended the Kickstarter raising a total of $55,185 USD. Doing so back in November 2017. The developer also released a Multiplayer Game Demo. Going out to all their Alpha tier backers after the campaign ended. Allowing fans to get a glimpse of early gameplay.

Now developer Rogue Snail is expanding Alpha players. Which also includes Linux support. Check out the Steam update.

“Our Alpha build for Relic Hunters Legend has a confirmed release date of June 22nd. We will let in everybody who has ever supported us. If you purchased our Kickstarter on the sub-$40 tier, or if you purchased our $20 Founders pack, this is your entry point!

Originally we planned to let more people in during the Beta, but it’s taking way longer than we had predicted. At this point, the Alpha backers have been playing the game for a year already. They want more people to play together with. So it’s a win-win for everyone!”

Relic Hunters Legend Gameplay Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Since Relic Hunters Legend will be free to play. This recent update will add more players. Obviously the Alpha is successful thus far. Since players are enjoying the game. And Rogue Snail are living up to their expertise. What’s more, there will be no micro transactions as a free to play game.

People can still get immediate access to Relic Hunters Legend. Simply take part in development through the “Founders” program. Which also functions like a “Slacker-Backer” campaign. So players can pledge to support development.
The minimum Founder package is $19.99 USD. Which also goes all the way up to $59.99 USD. And each level comes with the same outlined amount of in-game currency. So if you feel generous and buy the $40 Founder pack. Voila, $40 of in-game currency.

The Founders program is available on the games official website. Relic Hunters Legend has a confirmed Alpha release date of June 22nd.

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