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Relics of Annorath : Upcoming MMORPG For GNU/Linux

Relics of Annorath is an upcoming MMORPG in Alpha-testing stage which takes place in a medieval/post-modern setting features a complex economic system.
It’s being developed by a Swiss company “Quantum Bytes” and uses the beautiful GNU/Linux friendly Unigine engine.

Even at this early stage of the development they provide a native GNU/Linux support (for the Alpha testers).
Sadly currently most of their website contains info in German with very little English (so maybe the Swiss/German readers could give us more info about the game as google translate is unable to translate https websites – so it seems).

The game is looking great at the Alpha stage but I assume that it would take some time till the open beta.
Also it seems that they are using the excellent foss program Blender for this game.

Relics of Annorath
native GNU/Linux support
Quantum Bytes

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