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Remnant 4X strategy back on Kickstarter

remnant 4x strategy back on kickstarter for linux mac windows

Remnant, a real-time 4X strategy game back on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows. The previous campaign back in 2015 was unsuccessful. However this crowdfunding campaign has a pledge goal of $750 CAD. Which is already funded.

The games also set in a single planetary system. Where players take command of a rising faction and lead your people to prosperity. So you have to expand your influence across the system. Consolidate power and quell internal strife. Crush your enemies until you alone rule the system.

Also the principle design goal of Remnant is to create an experience. So you feel emotionally connected from start to finish. Every facet of your empire has a name, face and individual identity. Something you can become attached to.

In an endless sea of clones and “re-imagined” experiences, Remnant will be different.

Remnant Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Remnant features a unique strategy experience:

  • Everything has an individual identity: agents have faces, ships have names. While colonies are more than an impersonal collection of building tiles.
  • There are no buildings at all: no farms, mines or power plants to worry about. No repetitive build orders to execute with every new colony. Instead, agents lead development programs that give each colony their own unique purpose. An identity beyond their numerical total output.
  • Classic resources are gone too: no ore, metal, gem, crystals or anything like that to collect.
  • Single planetary system: a dynamic map that follows Kepler’s laws of planetary motion. All to create a shifting strategic landscape.
  • Full 3D movement: no tiles, grids, planes or lanes. Fly around every sector with a full Newtonian flight model. Then move from one sector to another without following a silly space highway.
  • Small scale: deliberately lacking in scale to create a deep experience. Also rich with roleplaying potential and personal narrative.

Funding on Kickstarter will support the creation of additional art assets. Since these are a keen part of the complete game.  For more information, and to pledge support check out the crowdfunding campaign.

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